PLUMTECH® is a padding created to imitate the fluffiness of down while preserving the advantages of technological thermal lining.


Compared to traditional polyester padding, PLUMTECH® allows to produce garments with limited encumbrance that are light and guarantee total freedom of movement. PLUMTECH® also guarantees Easycare: washing and drying our garments is extremely simple.

Plumtech Recycled

RECYCLED PLUMTECH® is a padding made by polyester fiber entirely coming from recycled materials, including plastic bottles. Features of thermal and breathability are absolutely identical to classic PLUMTECH®. All the jackets from the RECYCLED collection are distinguished by the green and white logo.



The high-density nylon fabric (20dX20d) guarantees weightlessness and fluffiness. It is thin yet resistant, thanks to its features it guarantees impermeability and wind protection, it absorbs humidity and dries rapidly.


GORETEX® 75D dull fabric, 100% recycled polyester PFCEC (perfluorocarbons) free DWR; polyurethane lamination with very high waterproof, breathability (28000WP / -9 m2 Pa/W RET=15.000 MVP) and wind protection performances. Fully taped seams. The garments, under regular use conditions, have GORETEX® lifelong warranty.


100% nylon fabric, very light and compact,with soft and smooth handfeel. It has excellent ‘windproof’ performance, thanks to its high density construction. Its particular finishing gives it a silky and luminous appearance.


100% nylon high density (20dx20d) anti-static finishing with same features of art.GIGA, with shiny iridescent fashion look.


100% polyester fabric with back polyurethane membrane, guarantees high performances in terms of impermeability and breathability (5000wp mm/24h - 5000 mvp g/m2/24h).


Super bright 40Dx40D fabric, 100% nylon with polyurethane lamination that guarantees water resistance and very high levels of breathability.


Polyester fabric 30dx30d with dull “look”, comes from 100% recycled polyester fibers from plastic bottles. It is lightweight and resistant, thanks to its features , guarantees impermeability and wind protection.


100% polyester 3 layers fabric which has extremely high performances in terms of waterproofness and breathability (5000wp mm/24h - 5000mp g/m²/24h). It offers full coverage from cold, wind and moisture, also thanks to its taped seams.


Fake leather ultra soft in 58% polyurethane and 42% viscose.


100% polyester melange twill fabric with transparent polyurethane lamination; fully taped seams. It guarantees good performances of waterproof and breathability (3000WP / 3000MVP).

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